Thomas Allom Antique Engravings Of China

Thomas Allom was a British architect, illustrator and topographical illustrator in the 1800's. He was a founding member of what became The Royal Institute of British Architects and designed many of the buildings in London including the Church of St. Peter's. Allom worked with Sir Charles Barry on numerous projects, most notably the Houses of Parliament and the remodeling of Highclere Castle (the house on Downton Abbey).

In the 18th and early 19th centuries, the Western world was becoming quite intrigued by Chinese culture and decor, but notions of what China looked like were often vague and incomplete.

Allom's illustrations, more than any other body of work up until that time, helped to provide a clearer picture of Imperial China. These are two of 143 hand colored engravings included in Thomas Allom's China Illustrated, printed in four volumes in London, England, between 1843 and 1847.

The two are titled "Transplanting Rice" and "Imperial Traveling Palace". Both are in very good condition, although there is foxing that appears to be on the reverse side of the glass, not on the engravings themselves (it can be seen in the photos - the outside of the glass has been cleaned). The gilt bamboo frames are very high quality and in very good condition.Just a couple very minor chips on "Imperial Palace".

  • Set of two
  • Frames are 12"H X 14" long
  • Actual engravings are 5" X 7 1/4" not including the border


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