Raw Silk/Mango

The history of silk began in the 27th century BC. According to Confucius, a silk cocoon fell into the tea of the 14 year old empress Leizu. As she pulled the wet cocoon from her cup, a fine thread began to unwind. Her husband, the Yellow Emperor, encouraged her to weave it and to teach her court to raise silk worms. This is a hand-loomed silk combo from india - on one side in the very raw, unbleached and un-dyed state and the other spun, dyed a fabulous orange while retaining all the texture of a handloomed silk. These pillows look fantastic with all the delicate kimono pillows and equally fab with rough hewn kuba cloth.

  • 20" X 20"
  • Self welt
  • Down insert included
  • Made in the US


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