Indigo Mali Mudcloth

Mali's distinctive mud and Indigo cloths are created using the ancient strip-weaving method found throughout West Africa. The weaver, usually a man, weaves plain white cotton yarn into narrow strips up to 60 metres long. Then a sewer, often a retired weaver, cuts and stitches these strips together to make a whole cloth. 

Strip-woven Indigo cloths are stitched and tied to create a resist before being dyed with Indigo. 

  • 20" X 20"
  • Knife edge
  • Includes down/fill insert
  • Invisible zipper
  • Made in the US

* Special note: Although we carefully clean all our textiles, Indigo dyes can rub off on light colored fabrics. Please use care placing this pillow where it's less likely to be regularly rubbed on upholstery or clothing. 



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