Florida Jay National Audubon Society Numbered Print

In 1961 the National Audubon Society, with the cooperation of the National Gallery of Art, offered five sets of ten slides each of the Birds of America. Each 2-by-2-inch slide was from an original photograph taken with a special camera produced by Eastman Kodak Company for the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

The gallery had permitted the National Audubon Society to make 400 copies each of 50 selected prints of Audubon's Double Elephant folio edition of the Birds of America, of which the gallery possesses the only original, unbound copy in the United States. After the original set of slides was sold the project was discontinued. This is the Florida Jay from set #2 and numbered 18. This is from set #2, Florida Jay and numbered 18. 12 by 15 inches including the frame. Gorgeous coloring with no fading to the original plate.  Some faint spotting on the print and mat and the backing paper is largely detached from the frame.


Sold Out

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